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About Us

The SWAHT Shop is a new online store operating under SWAHT Enterprises in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada!

My name is Pat Parker (the owner) and I’d like to thank you for visiting our shop and reading this page to find out a little about how we got started.

As a child growing up in Scotland, on damp chilly nights I always had a hot water bottle waiting for me in my bed to snuggle-in with. The memory of the warmth and comfort my hottie provided – and of the caring shown by the person who put it there each night (my mum!) – remains with me as an adult. Even though I fill my own hottie now (mum lives too far away), I still feel the same comfort from it that I did all those years ago.

The idea for SWAHT (sleep with a hottie tonight) started approximately two years ago when I wanted to give each member of my family a Christmas gift that was both practical AND had some personal meaning to me. After some thought, I decided it was hotties all around!

Having a background in designing and making clothing, specifically evening wear, I decided to make a different cover for each hottie using the plushest, coziest fabrics I could find. Each gift was so well received that, the following year, I upped my production in my spare time and sold my “swahties” (as they came to be called) to family, friends and co-workers. It gave me great pleasure to hear the memories from others that the hotties evoked and to see how many people felt these were the perfect gift … for any age.

And, so, here we are today! In order to multiply the enjoyment that we can give and receive through our “swahties”, we are now producing them full-time. We are pleased to be able to offer a quality product at an affordable price to all our customers.

We hope that you enjoy browsing through our shop today and will stop by regularly to see what’s new. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Thanks for stopping in!